Your kidneys are vital organs which filter and clean your blood and balance the levels of salt and water in your body.

When you are healthy, this constant process of filtering and cleaning continues unnoticed, but your kidneys can fail, for many reasons, temporarily or permanently. No two patients have exactly the same pattern of disease, and some may have other conditions as well as kidney problems.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) means lasting damage to the kidneys that may worsen over time, eventually leading to kidney failure. Our mission at Diaverum is to help you to live as normally as possible despite your diagnosis, and we also devote much of our work to helping people understand about kidney function and how best to prevent disease, or treat and manage it if it occurs.

In whatever way we are helping you, we never forget that you, as an individual, are at the centre of our work. We offer comprehensive medical care from a single source, providing not only the best individualised treatment for your kidney problems, but also treating other conditions that you may have. We can also support you through preparation and aftercare if you are having a kidney transplant. In these ways, we aim to help you live as normally as possible, and to slow the progress of your kidney disease.


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