National Authority of Quality Management in Health – ANMCS is a public institution from public central administration with legal personality,  specialized in the field of health quality management, which functions under the authority of Government.

The main activity of ANMCS is the evaluation and the accreditation of sanitary units.

The aim of the ANMCS is to ensure and improve the quality of health services and patient safety by standardizing and evaluating health services and accrediting sanitary facilities.


The dialysis and nephrology clinics of DIAVERUM Romania are health units undergoing accreditation process.


All patients will be regularly assessed for their health related to quality of life, using the assessment tool "Quality of life in kidney disease (KDQOL-36)". This survey includes key generic aspects of chronic disease, including elements relevant to patients with kidney disease, such as symptoms, disease burden, social interaction, staff encouragement, and patient satisfaction.

The patient satisfaction survey ”Quality of Life” is accessible through the dialysis unit's website - find here

The patient feedback questionnaire posted on the Romania Ministry of Health - find here

Patient rights, Indured's obligations and Complainf form - find here

Your Rights and obligations you have as a Diaverum patient you can - find here